Traces of the Podini family date back to 1700 when the family was already active in the dairy sector buying transforming and selling cheese and butter. This business went one throughout 1800 both in the Lombard plain and in the mountains during the pasture. In 1900 in Lodi, Carlo Podini ran the family Dairy; in 1915 his 3 sons Oreste, Vittorio and Mario were filed to fight in WW1. Upon returning home, they found the Dairy deserted and the cheese market saturated. They thus decide to move to South Tyrol. In 1923, the company “Oreste Podini &Co.” was founded and in 1929 after the annexation of South Tyrol by Italy and the subsequent creation of the Chamber of Commerce the company was inscribed in its register with the No. 1. In 1932 the groups products portfolio dramatically improved comprising not only butter and cheese but also other foods like pasta, rice, sugar and flour – thus contributing to the rise in value of the company. It was grandfather Vittorio’s duty in the years to come to pass over the passion for the food sector to his sons Giancarlo, Patrizio and Piergiorgio.
After years in the business, the company lead was passed over to Giancarlo who opened the first modern supermarket in South Tyrol together with his younger brothers Patrizio and Piergiorgio. In the ’80 Giancarlo’s three sons Giovanni, Alessandro and Stefano joined the company and together with their father and uncle Patrizio they create a Holding leader in the GDO; at the same time the sugar trade activity has been noticeably improved and powered. In the ’90 the three brothers diversified their businesses operating with success both in the real estate and in the energy sectors. In 2014 Unionplus was born, as a trading company of commodity products for the Italian market. Other than sugar, the companies main scope was the trading of powder dairy products


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