At the beginning of the 20th century, before world war I, Carlo Podini and his sons Oreste, Vittorio, and Mario founded a dairy in Lodi, Milan. After the end of the war in 1919, Oreste moved to south Tyrol, while Vittorio opened another dairy in Udine. After 1927, the siblings decided to focus their business in South Tyrol. In 1929, Oreste Podini & Co. became the first registered company in the Bolzano chamber of commerce.

In the following decade, grandfather Vittorio passed on the passion for the food industry to his three sons: Giancarlo, Patrizio and Piergiorgio. 

In the ’80 Giancarlo’s three sons Giovanni, Alessandro and Stefano joined the company and together with their father and uncle Patrizio they created a Holding leader in the GDO. In the ’90 the three brothers diversified their businesses operating with success both in the real estate and in the energy sectors.

In 2014 Unionplus was born, as a trading company of commodity products for the Italian market. The company main scope was  and is still today the trading of powder dairy products and other quality ingredients for the food industry.


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