Cereal and functional flours

Cereal and functional flours

Unionplus offers a wide range of heat-treated functional flours suitable for several applications. These flours are ideal for products for a balanced diet and their use results ina longer shelf-life of the finished product as well as  in a reduction of sugar content.

Heat - treated cereal

Presco ® cereal puffing process happens by putting the cereal under a high pressure for a short time while adding overheated vapour to the process. Starches are completely gelatinized thus making the finished products highly digestible.

Cereal puffing can be controlled thus making the texture and the structure of the cereal ideal for several applications. Cereal is also available in organic version and is kosher and halal certified.

Some advantages of the Presco ® process:

  • Registered trademark of the process;
  • Individually treated cereal;
  • Preserved taste and aroma;
  • Gelatinization of the starches and of the organic matter  for highly digestible products;
  • Rapid cooling after the heating process resulting in a decrease of the deterioration risks;
  • Knocking down of mycotoxins;

Functional flours

BiTex® range of functional flours are ideal for bakery applications as well as for cake bases. The BiTex® product line of all natural functional flours is based on grains, seeds and pulses and come in different granulations with very narrow particle size distributions.

Some advantages of BiTex® functional flours:

  • Improved dough yield and viscosity control;
  • An extended product freshness and a longer shelf life;
  • Texture and Taste enhancement;
  • Cost effectiveness by a higher dough yield;
  • The option to develop a low fat variation;